The MountainTop® Brand

MountainTop has evolved considerably since its humble beginnings in the 90s.
From blue bottles and dark labels, to a glass-like, brushed metal image, MountainTop® has retained its core values; highest quality product, best possible presentation, high market visibility, with a focus on consistency, befitting our HAACP status, while being deeply intrenched in the development of health and giving assistance to positive social initiatives, while always striving for excellence.

Through the years, our brand has never been dull.

A tasteful identity is often mixed with comic cleverness.  This has paid dividends with our ever-growing customer base.  Retailers and consumers alike, have fully embraced our efforts to educate inform and entertain.

Wherever you go in St. Vincent and The Grenadines, the name MountainTop is synonymous with quality, confidence and pride.

The original MountainTop label

The original MountainTop label

Our emblem evokes the spirit of the brand and intentions.

The cyan ‘slash’ represents the mountains, the green and dark blue curves, nature and the island and the red dot, a combination of ‘life’ and ‘blood’, which would not exist without water.  The ‘slash-dot’ combined has always represented ‘getting to the point’.  

After all, we sell water.  It’s our responsibility to provide a simple product which is the best in its class! 

This simple symbol and the core elements associated with it, drive the Brand, seen here on the labelling and packaging.

The Mountain, nature, the island and the blood components integrate with the brand name, the product definition and the ‘artistic’ rendering of water in nature – active, expressive and full of life.  

We maintain all of these components, both in practice and in our visual identity.

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