Our Process ~ MountainTop Quality

Our water production process is hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) compliant and, therefore, is able to supply any World Trade Organisation country with the purest natural spring water, coded for complete traceability.

MountainTop is tested in-house on a daily basis and is also periodically tested at independent ISO9000-compliant laboratories.

These stringent quarterly tests are done to ensure the maintenance of international standards for chemical and microbiological content.

In our state-of-the-art treatment plant, the water is filtered at source through in situ (i.e. in position) filtration.

It is further filtered using a stainless steel mesh filter.

Charged particles are removed with a magnetiser, and ultra-violet sterilisation and ozonation complete the microbiological treatment process.
Our stainless plant equipment is sanitised only with approved sanitisers.

There are five distinct stages of cleaning 

necessary to meet our high quality standards:

1. Sand Filtration

Custom-designed German engineering seals the spring directly at source. 

The sand filter removes the largest contaminants prior to the water entering the processing plant. Water is then piped directly to begin the process of creating superior quality.

2. Magnetisation

The magnetiser attracts anything with a magnetic charge.

3. Micron Filtration

The fine micron mesh stainless steel filter sifts to remove any last traces.

4. Sterilisation

Ultraviolet bulbs emit UV radiation to destroy microbes through sterilisation.
At this stage the water can be tested.

5. Ozonation

The ozonator performs two tasks:
it starves organisms of oxygen, and uses atmospheric oxygen to produce ozone. Ozone remains in the water for a number of hours, then returns to its natural state.

The following manufacturing procedures ensure that MountainTop is packaged, quality controlled, and distributed to the highest possible standards.

Blowing & Labelling

Brand new bottles are blown at the plant, just prior to filling. After this operation is complete, the labels are applied prior to washing.


With ozone still present in the water, there are no contaminants left and the bottles undergo a final washing.


Our high speed, automated production line enables us to fulfill large volume orders for MountainTop as well as custom label requests.


After filling and coding, the capping procedure marks the final stage in product assembly.

Caps may be screw tops for the 1.5 and 5 litre bottles, or they may be the popular sports closure caps found on the 500ml bottles. 

Regardless of the type, each cap is tamper-evident for your safety.


To consistently maintain safety and quality standards, each bottle of MountainTop is digitally imprinted with a trace code consisting of a product expiration date and a batch number so that accurate product life tracking can be implemented. 

As an added measure, random tests are done in-house at the plant on a daily basis, and periodically by an external auditor, Technological Solutions Ltd., Jamaica.

Cartons & Shrink-wrapping

To complete the packaging and to protect the finished product as it makes it way to local and regional consumers, the bottles are placed in a corrugated cardboard tray and shrink-wrapped in strong plastic film, then palletised, for clean, efficient bulk transportation.

We offer palletised and shrink-wrapped bulk orders for worldwide distribution.

Distribution & Sales

Our marketing and distribution is supported by a diligent, efficient and dedicated sales staff, supplying retail outlets, offices, hotels and resorts throughout

St. Vincent, the Grenadine Islands and beyond.