Had Your 8 Today?

The human body requires 8 glasses of water per day, to maintain good health. 

There are direct health benefits to drinking eight 6oz. glasses of MountainTop per day* 

[one_half]The body consists of 60-70% water.  
Adequate water intake helps to: 

• Flush out waste  
• Transport nutrients  
• Regulate temperature  
• Keep skin moist  
• Increase vital hydration

However, not all water is the same… 
Simple though it may seem, there are many choices
of water available with great variation in quality.   
Tap water and purified bottled water, its cleaned up,
premium price alternative, at best, lack the natural
minerals present in virgin water, are exposed to harmful
chlorine and carry an unpalatable taste;
at worst they may contain sediment,
bacteria and other foreign material. 

In other words, you may be doing more harm than good,
by making a poor choice of sources. [/one_half] [one_half_last]

Drinking MountainTop Premium 
Natural Spring Water guarantees that you will receive essential natural minerals with the assurance of complete water quality. During our filtration process only bacteria and organics are shed along the way, leaving the minerals to satisfy the palette, with an unmistakable and naturally refreshing taste……………..simply perfection! 

Every day, choose 8 great glasses 
of MountainTop Premium and take care of your health, while never compromising what you enjoy.  With its crisp, clean, refreshing, active taste, MountainTop Premium is sourced and bottled with highest international standards of quality and consistency.  It is tested on a daily basis and periodically, by independent ISO9000 laboratories, to assure HACCP and WTO quality, standards and complete traceability. 

Add MountainTop Premium 
to your daily routine and be confident that our experience and exemplary standards, which already provide over three million litres per annum, to refresh our customers, will truly benefit your healthy lifestyle……. You’ve chosen wisely! 

* 8 x 6oz. glasses of water are approximately equivalent to a 1.5ltr. bottle of MountainTop Premium – a pure, natural, healthy choice![/one_half_last]

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