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New Livery for MountainTop

1AWe have collected many acolades over twenty years.  Mainly for our quality and consistency.  Through all of this, the way we’ve dressed has changed to suit the mood.  However we have appeared, we are grateful for your recognition and in making us the standard by which similar products are judged



CEO Mr Ken Da Silva explains:

“The story of Natural Spring Water is one of rehydration, which is vital to renewal. It’s this renewal which gives us energy and health, where our system functions at peak performance.

With this in mind, we are proud to present a refreshed and rehydrated Mountain Top Natural Spring Water, with a livery of sophistication and premium quality, designed to perform in regional and extra regional markets.[/one_half][one_half_last] Our ‘rehydrated’ livery brings together all of the elements which reflect Mountain Top’s core values; our logo, the sharp peak of the mountain pointing to the red dot – getting to the point, the relationship between water and blood, health and renewal; the definitive statement ‘the fine art of rehydration’ – this is what we do. As a company we practice this art everyday. The EKG line embodies the importance of our product to heart health and the vibrant active shapes and lines below, mirror the dynamics of Mountain Top Natural Spring Water and its role as a passport to energy.

All of this is set against a background of silver – precious and valuable. A product of worth and substance, of international standards, able to adorn any table anywhere. With increased detail and sharp, clean lines, our new livery speaks to consistency, quality, presence and reliability. These characteristics are the engine of Mountain Top and the brand’s future.”  [/one_half_last]   600

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MountainTop for Vincy Mas 2014

Apart from lavish Carnival costumes and makeup, there is an essential part of Vincy Mas attire which you just don’t want to be without in 2014! Yes, MountainTop Natural Spring Water is back on the road for ’14;
with a custom Vincy Mas label and a handy Carnival programme built right on to a 500ml bottle, you are bound to be refreshed as you Jump-up and Rehydrate with MountainTop!


MountainTop co-sponsors Karen Hinds Phenomenal Woman Conference

[one_half] [/one_half][one_half_last]

Karen Hinds’ Phenomenal Woman Conference is for any woman, young or mature, who is ready to understand and use the power that lies within her.  The conference gives women the tools, inspiration and the support of a community of local, regional and global women,  and encourages them to make and sustain positive changes in their lives and further accelerate their personal and professional growth.


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MountainTop sponsors Bequia Heineken Easter Regatta 2013

Marketing Manager, Felix Antoine hands over the sponsorship cheque to Bequia Sailing Club Secretary, Nicola Redway. 

[one_half]As a long-time sponsor of The Bequia Heineken Easter Regatta, MountainTop Natural Spring Water supports one of the island’s largest annual events.  The Easter Regatta has only formally been running since 1981 but to all accounts its origins are much older.
Easter was traditionally one of the few holidays for fishermen, so instead of fishing, a race would be
organized to find the fastest boat.

Today, the Regatta’s international appeal attracts a global selection of yachtsmen and has the distinction of being a selected Heineken
yachting event.[/one_half][one_half_last]Mr Ken Da Silva of MountainTop summed up the company’s relationship with this Caribbean yachting classic,

“We are overjoyed that, as a Vincentian company, we can play a major role in this well established Regatta and assist in the promotion of the Grenadines to an international audience.  

This flagship event in our promotional calendar allows us a golden opportunity to showcase our  international quality brand of natural spring water – the very best of what is made in St. Vincent and at the same time, support our long standing customers in Bequia and through The Grenadines.  All of that and a whole lot of fun at the same time!  

This is truly the best of the Caribbean in setting and hospitality.  It’s a humbling and uplifting experience to hear of returning international visitors asking for MountainTop above many other brands in the market.  We are looking forward to a continued relationship with the Regatta for many years to come!”[/one_half_last]


Had Your 8 Today?

The human body requires 8 glasses of water per day, to maintain good health. 

There are direct health benefits to drinking eight 6oz. glasses of MountainTop per day* 

[one_half]The body consists of 60-70% water.  
Adequate water intake helps to: 

• Flush out waste  
• Transport nutrients  
• Regulate temperature  
• Keep skin moist  
• Increase vital hydration

However, not all water is the same… 
Simple though it may seem, there are many choices
of water available with great variation in quality.   
Tap water and purified bottled water, its cleaned up,
premium price alternative, at best, lack the natural
minerals present in virgin water, are exposed to harmful
chlorine and carry an unpalatable taste;
at worst they may contain sediment,
bacteria and other foreign material. 

In other words, you may be doing more harm than good,
by making a poor choice of sources. [/one_half] [one_half_last]

Drinking MountainTop Premium 
Natural Spring Water guarantees that you will receive essential natural minerals with the assurance of complete water quality. During our filtration process only bacteria and organics are shed along the way, leaving the minerals to satisfy the palette, with an unmistakable and naturally refreshing taste……………..simply perfection! 

Every day, choose 8 great glasses 
of MountainTop Premium and take care of your health, while never compromising what you enjoy.  With its crisp, clean, refreshing, active taste, MountainTop Premium is sourced and bottled with highest international standards of quality and consistency.  It is tested on a daily basis and periodically, by independent ISO9000 laboratories, to assure HACCP and WTO quality, standards and complete traceability. 

Add MountainTop Premium 
to your daily routine and be confident that our experience and exemplary standards, which already provide over three million litres per annum, to refresh our customers, will truly benefit your healthy lifestyle……. You’ve chosen wisely! 

* 8 x 6oz. glasses of water are approximately equivalent to a 1.5ltr. bottle of MountainTop Premium – a pure, natural, healthy choice![/one_half_last]

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Lisa Deane and the Miss World Canada Pageant


[/one_half][one_half_last]Among Mountain Top’s portfolio of international and local sponsorship commitments is the Miss World Canada pageant.

In 2012, the company lent its support to contestant Lisa Deane (pictured) enabling her to dedicate her personal resources and energies toward raising funds for indigent children with special needs and encouraging literacy in inner-city boys.

Lisa now holds the titles of First Runner-Up 2012 and “Beauty with a Purpose” Multimedia Award Winner 2012. See MountainTop’s cameo in the nationally-aired video below![/one_half_last]


MountainTop Joins With Richmond Vale Academy In Clean Up

Sponsorship by Mountain Top
Mountain Top sponsored the activities of The Climate Compliance Conference in North Leeward.
The students of Richmond Vale Academy (RVA) were taught about the environment, with a focus on recycling and reducing pollution from trash in six North Leeward Village Primary and Secondary Schools in the period from 1st of November 2012 till 1st of March 2013.

[one_half]The Climate Compliance Conference
The Climate Conference arranged 5 lessons in every village. Young and old received lessons about how to protect the environment, how to recycle and learned how we can adapt to the challenges of Global Warming and Climate Change.

The teaching lead to a ‘Trash March’, with one hundred people marching from Petit Bordel to Fitz Hughes, picking up trash, with a ‘Trash Pick-Up Competition’ between six schools called “The World’s Cleanest Country Competition”. Troumaka Primary school won, followed by Fitz Hughes Primary School and Westwood Methodist School. The winners receive musical or sport equipments for their school.[/one_half][one_half_last]About Richmond Vale Academy
Richmond Vale Academy, located in Chateaubelair, St. Vincent, is a registered Non Profit company No. 147 of 2002 under the Companies Act.

In 2012, Richmond Vale Academy started two new programs: “The St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference” and “The Fighting Shoulder to Shoulder with The Poor” program.

Richmond Vale Academy has in 2012 become an accredited Distance Learner school with One World University in Mozambique and students on the 18 months “Fighting Shoulder to Shoulder with The Poor” program will take exams and earn an A-certificate.

The St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference is a new kind of environmental movement. It is a 10-year standing conference that will take actions for the environment especially for food, energy and disaster security. Students from around the world join the conference for 6 months at the time.[/one_half_last] Brief overview of the sponsorship

• Transportation from RVA to teach 30 lessons in six schools
and mobilize for the trash pick up actions – EC$1,300
• Teaching Materials – EC$200
• Trash Pick Up March from Petit Bordel to Fitz Hughes,
100 T-shirts with Mountain Top logo, trash bags, gloves,
lunch and refreshments- EC$2,500
• World’s Cleanest Country Competition
+ Prizes to schools (1000 XCD)- EC$2,000

Total – – EC$6,000

The campaign has been aired on NBC radio in February,
We FM with Selly and Kata in November and Focus North Leeward


** We expect to have the winners of the competition in the Newspapers and a new program on Focus North Leeward from the Trash Pick up Competition in March


Congo Valley Storm Damage 2011

[one_half]On April 12th, 2011 the North Eastern District of
St. Vincent experienced torrential rains and flooding
of a magnitude which was not experienced in more than 100 years. 

Tremendous damage was caused to land, property and infrastructure, which created large obstacles to everyday life.[/one_half][one_half_last]Mountain Top’s facility at Congo Valley was not spared from the devastation, the flooding completely destroyed one of our buildings. Damage was also experienced to our central building. This damage was not only to the structures but to equipment in our facility. 

Through diligent and difficult work of management and staff it took approximately four weeks to rebuild structures and replace machinery not only to the previous condition but better and stronger.[/one_half_last]


Our Condolences to the family of the late Mrs Norma Keizer