Purified water is taken from the municipal water supply, i.e. tap water, and treated before it is bottled and sold to you.

When you purchase purified tap water, you are consuming water that has been treated to remove bacteria and with them vital minerals.  In the absence of these vital minerals, the water you are left with often has an unpleasant taste.

Mountain Top, on the other hand, filters natural spring water via a treatment process that preserves palate-pleasing minerals.

Natural spring water , the healthier, more gratifying choice, has an ideal pH of 7. This balance contributes to MountainTop’s great taste. 

We target the beverage connoisseur of discerning taste with our dynamic branding and signature clear PET (polyethylene terephthalate, a safe plastic used for beverage containers) bottle.

Consistency of product, distinctive point-of-sale and excellent distribution have made MountainTop a leading Caribbean quality brand.